Dreaming about knights in shining armor, that are exactly like the ones described in the stories that she once read long time ago. After all the cruelties she has faced her skin has turned from porcelain, to ivory, to steel. {This is a Sansa Stark RP blog.}

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even the daughter of gods must know loneliness
must sometimes want something more than to be
trapped in a hell of forevers

letter from hades to persephone


Espèce de petit salopard.

"Game of Thrones's hot older man game is too damn strong.” - mybestman (Part 1)


Day 27 ~ Top 5 favorite characters.

From favorite to least favorite:

1. Roose Bolton

2. Oberyn Martell

3. Davos Seaworth

4. Petyr Baelish

5. Stannis Baratheon

|| Gendry & Sansa


Before he knew it there was an old man in his chambers. Gendry may not be the most observant of people but the old man moved silently. After the Maester examined him and seeing that he was well along with asking some questions. The sun was rising and after being brought some cleaner clothes he was lead back downstairs and brought a little more food and could not believe the way he was being treated as a stranger. It was then he saw the attractive young woman maybe a little younger than him come in with a man he had seen before who had asked for certain things in the past new swords and other things often custom made. Lord Baelish might remember him and he inwardly panicked and hoped that like most he would not remember a lowly servant.Then another woman entered and who he guessed was her son. Gendry stood up and bowed low waiting for someone to speak knowing that it would be in his best interest to let someone noble speak first to give himself a moment to compose himself. 

It was hours before her father and his lady wife decided to go visit this visitor that seeked out employment from the Lady of the Vale.  Lady Arryn had taken an interested in this young blacksmith and so did Lord Baelish, but his interest laid else where.  They had left the dining table when the maester had come into the room whispering in the lord and lady’s ear telling them that the man was conscious and healthy to be visited without any worries.

Raising from the table she held out her hand for Sweetrobin to take hold of and as she was leaving the room, she was stopped before passing through the arched frame.  “Alayne, I’ll need you to come follow me and Lady Lysa to our visitor’s room.”

"Yes, father."  She said softly, gripping the little boy’s hand a little tighter as she followed them and up to the room where base born son of the dead king laid.  The air was stale, smelling of herbs mixing with the musky scent of sweat.  Standing by the door, she watched and waited for the questions to come tumble from her father’s mouth.

Lord Baelish squinted his eyes subtly peering at the young boy who looked so much like the deceased king.  “You have asked for a station in our armory when you were near death’s door.  Are you wanted by the crown?”  He asked.

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